Teach Your Kids How Your Greenhouse Works

I stumbled across this rather amusing and educational video below that may well bring a smile to your face. Not only can it help teach your children or grandchildren about how the glazing in your greenhouse works, it also applies to how global warming works in general which i thought was a really great idea. So why not have a sing along to this nifty ditty the next time they’re helping out in the garden and you can teach them a thing or two at the same time!

Catchy no? I know i’ll be whistling along to the tune for days to come as i work out in the garden getting those last minute jobs done before the onset of the coming winter. Which should serve as a reminder to you if like me you have been putting off some of the more trickier tasks that will need to be done to ensure your greenhouse and garden are well prepared for the cold weather. So don’t delay, have a whistle along to this tune and you’ll soon have that difficult task completed!

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