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I've learned a thing or two in my time in the garden and hopefully i can share and pass on some of my knowledge to the next generation of greenhouse fanciers...

Whilst you may be used to using putty, modern glass clips are often the better choice.
Why Clips are a Better Choice Than Putty
“Whilst putty has traditionally been used for sealing the glass in your greenhouse, nowadays clips are the preferred choice due to their reliability and more permanent nature.”
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Taking care of your greenhouse before the winter weather arrives is smart planning.
Winter Care Tips
“With the winter months fast approaching it is important to ensure your greenhouse is well prepared for the worst that the weather can throw at it so come take a look at our tips to ensure it's in top condition.”
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Teach Your Kids How Your Greenhouse Works
“With this amusing song and video you can teach your kids how your greenhouse works, indeed how the greenhouse effect in general works.”
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safely install greenhouse glass
How to Safely Install Greenhouse Glass
“Follow these simple tips on how to safely install your greenhouse glass and you will be able to sit back and enjoy your handy work as you potter about your greenhouse.”
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greenhouse glass prices
Greenhouse Glass Prices For Indoor Or Outdoor Greenhouse Kits
“You may be surprised to find that greenhouse glass prices are relatively cheap these days which makes building your own greenhouse both cheap and worthwhile.”
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greenhouse safety glass
For Safety and Durability Use Tempered Greenhouse Safety Glass
“If you have small children then greenhouse safety glass is vital to ensure their safety and yours, however it is not as expensive as people seem to think.”
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greenhouse glass sizes
Get Your Measurements Right With Greenhouse Glass Sizes
“Glass panels come in a whole range of different sizes and getting the right greenhouse glass sizes from the start is vital for successful greenhouse.”
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mini glass greenhouse
Mini Glass Greenhouse for Small Space Gardening
“If space is at a premium then why not try a mini glass greenhouse instead, small and efficient they allow you to grow your favourite plants year round.”
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cheap greenhouse glass
A Year Round Garden With Cheap Greenhouse Glass
“What are the options for cheap greenhouse glass i hear you say, well here i discuss the standard ones along with some of the more unusual choices available.”
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greenhouse glass suppliers
Quality UK Greenhouse Glass Suppliers
“Take a look at our selection of quality greenhouse glass suppliers from around the UK, most of which will offer a full service should you not wish to install the glass yourself.”
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