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greenhouse glass suppliers

A greenhouse is a beautiful and functional addition to any yard. A greenhouse, often known as a glasshouse, is a building that is protected from the weather and is heated either by an indoor heater or solely from the rays of the sun. This makes it an ideal place to grow plants. Greenhouses can be very large, commercial buildings or very small mini-buildings known as a cold frame. A greenhouse is a perfect place for a family to start plants in a protected building that can later be transplanted outdoors. There are different types and styles of greenhouses that can be assembled from the proper materials and with the use of a few common tools.

Greenhouse glass is one of the most important materials to be used as a covering placed over the frame of the greenhouse. Those who are interested in building their own greenhouse will also be interested in finding some of the very best greenhouse glass suppliers.

There are several UK greenhouse glass suppliers. We will mention just a few in this articles, and give some information on each. This will provide some useful facts and will give the reader some ideas of what to look for in researching more information in the area of greenhouse glass suppliers.

The first supplier is Greenhouse Warehouse at www.greenhousewarehouse.com. The Warehouse offers three different kinds of glazing for a greenhouse glass or glass-like material. The first kind is an acrylic that is as clear as glass but 7 times stronger. The second type is called solid polycarbonate which is also clear but is stronger than glass by 200 times. The third type is Twinwall Polycarbonate, which as the name implies is two sheets of polycarbonate joined together to create an extremely strong sheet.

Another of several greenhouse glass suppliers is Adrian Welch Glass and Glazing at www.adrianwelch.co.uk. At Adrian Welch you will find all of the regular sizes of glass for greenhouses and other horticultural uses. The glass can be cut to any size. If needed, they also provide a fitting service to make sure you get exactly the size you need. They have a vast range of glass in stock, and can assure that all glass is fire and safety rated and is in line with today’s British standards for the particular glass type.

Greenhouses Direct is also one of the reliable UK greenhouse glass suppliers. Find them at www.greenhousesdirect.co.uk. They offer a wide selection of greenhouses from very small, portable styles to the larger more versatile styles. Rhino, Elite and Europa Manor are only three of the greenhouse brands offered through Greenhouses Direct. Not only do they supply the glass for the greenhouse, but also all the other necessary materials to make your greenhouse just what you want it to be.

The next supplier of greenhouse glass in the UK is aptly called Greenhouses-UK and can be found at www.greenhouses-uk.com. Here you’ll find a company that has been in the business of greenhouse supplies for over 25 years. They have the experience and expertise to find just the right glass for just the right greenhouse built to your particular specifications. They will even make an on-site visit to help determine the very best greenhouse with the very best greenhouse glass for you.

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