Greenhouse Glass Clips Will Help Secure Your Panels

greenhouse glass clips

The cost to replace large panels of greenhouse glass panes is higher, there is no getting away from this simple fact. When selecting a greenhouse these factors should be taken into consideration, especially when you add-on the cost of greenhouse glass clips. You see, glass is a good transmitter of light, which increases growth in your flowers, plants and vegetables however glass is a bad transmitter of heat, which may be damaging to some types of plants. Glass maintains a high temperature, and gets hot rapidly which increases the heat in certain greenhouse not to mention that it is heavier than most greenhouse materials, which means that some greenhouses have to maintain a stronger, and more expensive frame. Which of course increases the cost of the greenhouse.

Alternative Greenhouse Products

There are now alternative choices to be made when purchasing and building a greenhouse. Fiberglass/Polycarbonate sheets are commonly used, and have excellent heat retaining elements. These sheets work just as well as glass for the transmission of light, however do not have a long shelf life and the sheets will deteriorate with age. Fiberglass is very bendable and forms easily into curved spaces. These materials offer alternatives to glass especially for those of us with children playing in the area of the greenhouse.

Double-glazed polycarbonate provides a light transmission rating of 85% whilst single wall polycarbonate has a better light transmission at around 96%. Fiberglass has the same qualities as glazed polycarbonate , but turns yellow faster, and is less cost efficient due to the replacement factor.

Light Transmission

Polythene is a very good light transmitter as it diffuses light while spreading light more evenly within the greenhouse. Polythene has been improved over the years and it does not tear easily due to new methods of securing it to the greenhouse frame. However, polythene is damaged by the suns rays, which decreases the quality of light transmission and causes the material to undergo a rapid aging process. Another disadvantage of polythene is that it allows condensation to gather on the interior of the greenhouse, which gathers dirt and can result in disease of plants. Some polythene greenhouses can be treated however, this treatment is not always 100 per cent effective.

Securing Greenhouse Glass Clips – Methods

When buying a used glass greenhouse, you may secure the glass with putty and/or nails, although this method is not recommended¬† anymore due to the cracking and deterioration of the putty. The most common method used is securing the glass with greenhouse glass clips along the frame. This method has been proven to be effective and efficient, however if high winds become a factor, the winds could destroy all panes of glass within minutes if they’re not properly secured. The greenhouse glass clips are not strong enough to withstand very high winds by themselves, and you may need to secure the glass with strips of metal to keep it attached to the greenhouse.

Greenhouse glazing methods have slowly changed over the last few years. Polycarbonate sheets are being widely utilized all over the country and these seem to be the most cost efficient and effective product on the market for the building and maintenance of greenhouses. It is durable and provides reliability, and of course polycarbonate is a good heat retainer and the transmission of light is exceptional. Polycarbonate is stronger than using greenhouse glass clips to secure glass panels and is less likely to be damaged by extreme winds.

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