Why Clips are a Better Choice Than Putty

Whilst you may be used to using putty, modern glass clips are often the better choice.

The entire purpose of creating a greenhouse is to allow the temperature to be regulated by the use of the sun and other more modern technologies. In order for this to work, the right insulation and sealant must be used to trap the temperature and air within. In many cases, glass clips are therefore the better choice than something like putty for sealing your greenhouse glazing. In the following article, we will explain to you exactly why you should choose clips over putty and how it might impact the amount of time you spend on your projects. While each person is different, there are pretty logical reasons to opt for clips rather than putty.

Problems with Putty for Sealing Glass

One of the biggest problems that greenhouse owners complain about on the topic of their glass is the putty that seals it all together. The putty that most people use for projects within the home does not have the same sturdy benefits outside in an environment that is as harsh as a greenhouse. In many cases, the putty does not maintain the glue with the glass simply because of the extreme conditions that can be experienced either outside or even within the greenhouse.

The change in temperature and relatively low reliability of putty makes it a product that is very difficult for most greenhouse owners to deal with. As it is modern technology, most people are convinced that it will be helpful. Still, sometimes the traditional glass with clips is all that is really needed in order to be successful with the glass on your greenhouse.

Finally, replacing the putty can be an extremely difficult and time consuming procedure. While replacing a clip for whatever reason is quite simple and straight forward, replacing putty with more glass sealant is a difficult task for anyone. In many cases it involves scraping off all the existing putty in order to place a new layer inside. This can be tedious and at times it must be done frequently.

Using Clips for Sealing Glass

In contrast to the putty, using clips in order to seal glass is a much more useful mechanism. This will save you time in replacement costs and labor, but it is also much easier to install. Furthermore, the clips are not subject to the temperatures in the same way that most putty is. Add the resistance to water and other extreme weather conditions and clips look like a far more ideal candidate for your greenhouse project.

Clips are Better Than Putty for Sealing Glass

It is a well known fact that gardening with a greenhouse can be time consuming. Still, it should not be expensive and overly time consuming if you are knowledgeable enough about the products available on the market today. Utilizing clips to seal the glass of your greenhouse is a much more efficient way than using putty, which will require replacement and is much harder work. The decision is ultimately up to you, but clips will allow you to enjoy your work much better.

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