A Year Round Garden With Cheap Greenhouse Glass

cheap greenhouse glass

A greenhouse can be an addition to the garden that allows for year round growing of vegetables and house plants and of course greenhouses are the best place to start new seedlings and to protect plants from cold weather. There are many styles of pre-made greenhouse for sale to fit most budgets. It is also possible for those handy with a tool box to construct a greenhouse from scratch. There are a number of types of cheap greenhouse glass that can be used for closing in the walls and roof of a greenhouse whether it is a homemade frame or store bought model.

One material that can be used as cheap greenhouse glass is polyethylene film. These plastics come in rolls of varying size and thickness. Polyethylene sheeting can be used in a single or a double layer for extra insulation value. If it is doubled, a small fan must be installed to pump air in-between the layers. This air space will then provide additional insulation value.

Polyethylene sheeting comes in quality ranges of one to four year ratings. When using it for cheap greenhouse glass, it is important to get polyethylene sheeting that is UV resistant. This means that it is less susceptible to damage by the sun and will last longer. Some polyethylene sheeting also has an anti condensate coating so condensation will not drip inside the greenhouse.

Another type of cheap greenhouse glass that is available is corrugated polycarbonate panels. These panels come in clear, opaque and coloured ridged sheets of standard width and varying length. They are a little more expensive than polyethylene sheeting, but have greater resistance to damage by hail and wind. They are easy to install and light in weight. The corrugations overlap to form a waterproof seam where the panels meet.

Multi-wall polycarbonate is another cheap greenhouse glass that provides more insulation value than corrugated panels. It has a similar R value as double paned glass and is especially resistant to damage by hail or snow loads. It also comes in UV resistant types that will hold up longer in the sun light.

Glass panes are not the first choice if one is looking for an inexpensive covering for a greenhouse, but they do have the longest life span. Real glass is the most translucent material that can be used in greenhouse construction, and has an aesthetic appeal as well. It is much heavier than any of the other materials mentioned above, and is the hardest to install. If real glass is used, a safety glass that will shatter into many small pieces if broken will prevent dangerous injuries in this event. Sometimes it is also possible to find recycled sliding glass doors which are made of safety glass which can then be used to construct a greenhouse.

For the serious gardener, a greenhouse can extend the growing season so that it lasts all year long. There are many options for building a greenhouse oneself as well as many models and sizes that can be purchased as kits to be assembled or ready made. The materials that can be used as cheap greenhouse glass include polyethylene sheeting, corrugated polycarbonate panels, multi-wall polycarbonate panels and real glass.

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